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Flyingheels There has been a lot of good technical advice here on how to land, but as has also been said you can't really learn to land from reading about it.

Practice is the thing but, as I see it, consistent practice ably educated by one, or at the most two, competent instructors is crucial, as I think you've identified.

I well recall when I was learning, many years ago, experiencing just the same frustrations as you with different instructors telling me quite different things. 'Leave you hand on the throttle', 'don't leave your hand on the throttle' etc etc.

I did not think this ok and said so. Ultimately I insisted that I fly with just one instructor that I was happy with, except for certain checkouts required along the way, and things went a lot more smoothly from there.

Given I was the customer (and had a few clues around learning/teaching techniques) such a request did not seem unreasonable to me. Perhaps you could have a similar discussion with the head of your school? There is a time and place to be firm and while the interruptions are not the school's fault, inconsistent teaching techniques are, and as the person on the receiving end of that you should tell them. Up to you how to do that but being firm doesn't necessarily mean being stroppy; what you want is a partnership with the school and someone at that school who can help you achieve your goal, and the trick is to convey that in a way that doesn't brook argument.

If that doesn't bring something you're happy with are there other schools/clubs nearby that you could trial?

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