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Originally Posted by Local Variation View Post
It really is not that complicated.

Advise to OP is simple. Take your concerns and questions, all of which are valid, to the CFI at your school. They either listen and apply themselves and you gain. Or they don't and you leave for somewhere else.

At my first flying school I had an instructor who was more concerned about progressing his career through flying traffic surveys and earning money as a casino dealer than instructing.

As a result I couldn’t get the continuity required (many broken appointments and reschedules) and spent too much of each lesson relearning what I had forgotten due to breaks in training.

I remember vividly the day I turned up for a lesson and the instructor being elsewhere. The CFI was most unhappy and made a call on speakerphone. I did the rest of my training at that school with the CFI himself and later left for a larger mob.

Completely changed my experience at that school and went on to bigger and better things.

Should’ve spoken to the CFI earlier.

Good Luck!
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