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Consistency is tricky

iíve only got 500 hours under my belt although almost all of my flying is on the same type (C150), and most landings to the same strip.

So I ought to be reasonably consistent

but one day the wind is 110/15 the next itís
80/05. Sometimes it gusts.

sometimes I have a passenger, oftentimes I donít

sometimes Iím coming in with 20% fuel, sometimes 80%

sometimes the grass is wetter/softer than others.

sometimes I land perfectly sometimes I donít (and beat myself up about it). Luckily so far Iíve walked away from every landing and been able to fly the plane again

and the hardest thing is that occasionally I find myself making lengthy XC flights, sometimes IFR. So you get to the end of a three hour stint, lowish on fuel, mentally challenged by the navigation and instrument flying, needing a pee and you still have to do the most difficult thing of allÖ

Keep at it, one day it clicks. It doesnít matter whether that is 10 hours or 40 hours so long as you get there
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