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Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Indeed, I have seen the notes. The issue seems to be the timing of flare and then setting down. The problem is that one day I will fly with one instructor and he/she would say “lift more, you do not lift enough.” The next day another instructor would say - “you lift too much.” I pretty much do the same thing so it is counter-intuitive to me to understand the difference in advice. I must admit though that I do find the plane rather heavy.

No, the instructors are not part time. We are in Europe, the school is staffed by full-time instructors.

I am not “blaming other people” per se. I do, however, expect consistency because all friends who are pilots have largely trained with one instructor who was invested in their progress and gave them guidance. This is very much not the case here and I find it difficult.

I will take the advice to breathe and calm down - that is solid! 😊
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