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There is an old joke in aviation:
Iíll teach you how to fly for $50, Iíll teach you how to land for $9,950 ( or whatever higher amount)

Landings are by far the hardest thing to learn.
This is where Human Factors and a little psychology comes in.
Frustration is self perpetuating, it keeps itself alive and growing.
You go into a lesson anxious for progress and because of it, there isnít. This increases the level of frustration and the cycle continues.

You MUST ACCEPT that landings are the hardest things to learn, stop blaming other people and circumstances and just go with the flow.
Its a matter of time and practice and eventually everyone can put the pieces together.
I have personally had students that soloed at 40+ hours and Iíve had students solo at less time. Everything in between also.
Overall in the big scheme of things learning how to land and how quickly does not determine how good of a pilot youíll become.
Really it doesnít. Flying is 90% a mental game like chess.

Sit down, breathe, accept and calm down.

That on top of continuity in trainings je consistency in critique.
You have to understand that your instructors are probably part time with a second (third?) job to pay the bills and they nay simply not be available when you are.
Talk to an instructor that you feel is helpful and ask if they can contact you when they are available so you can be put on their schedule.
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