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Being drafted onto the 747 was just the straw that broke the camels back. People are fed up with this pathetic contract, this incompetent government and generally a bleak outlook for a very long time. Any of us that have managed to get away to our home countries, see that people are resuming some semblance of a normal life, albeit with some restrictions. You never have to worry about being rounded up and sent to jail because you spent 5 mins with an individual that tested positive for covid. If you test positive, the advice is to stay home and self-isolate and come to the hospital if your condition worsens. Contrast this to HK where the CHP and the police show up in full hazmat suits and drag you away against your will.
This job and this city are finished, maybe that is by design? Who knows?
It just takes a little push, for these individuals the push was the 747 course. Anybody who can leave, will leave. There is no point in staying in this miserable place any longer.
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