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This is from the Safety First magazine about low speed aborts. Airbus recommendation? Practice in the sim.

5. Conclusion
This in-service incident illustrates the challenges associated with containing the sudden asymmetry resulting from engine failure during the first seconds of a take-off acceleration. However it is possible to maintain directional control by reacting immediately and in a coordinated manner:
q Thrust levers are closed
q All reversers are selected (even if designated as an MMEL item)
q Apply up to full opposite rudder pedals until directional control is regained
q Braking may be symmetrical or differential as needed to complement steering
q Steering hand-wheels may be used when taxi speed is reached.
Being in a position to effectively respond implies that both pilots have adjusted their seat such as to be in a position to simultaneously apply
full rudder and full brakes on the same side if required. Effective response also relies on crew training. Therefore Airbus supports Operators including RTO’s
scenarios in the recurrent training. The engine failure should be unexpected and introduced at speed well below V1. Such scenarios would address simultaneously the seat adjustment and the coordinated response
to the sudden asymmetry.
The problem apparently is harder braking gets applied in the direction of the divergence.
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