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homesick rae
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Tongchai, "managed properly"

1. Means being imprisoned in your apartment.
2. Means not being allowed to enjoy an evening out without the company knowing what you were doing and where you were etc.
3. Means not being allowed to follow grievance procedures as stated in the contract.
4. Means coming home late from leave and being disciplined (rightly so) and a colleague who was later is simply told off.
5. Means being late from leave, and the company knowing about it in advance and agreeing to it, and then when that parent takes a turn for the worse you are banned from leaving Doha.
6. Means that when a CS/CSD corrects a crew member the CS/CSD gets in the S**T.
7. Means that when you are run over by a car whilst leaving OPs to get to your own car on the other side of the street because you can't park in ops, and the company have been warned about the dangers, nothing is done to facilitate the crew.
8. Means that good assessments go completely unnoticed and bad assessments are ignored therefore even the worst performers are promoted.
9. Means that 4 years experience warrants the position of Performance Supervisor!!!???
10. Means that if you are in bed resting as you have a flight late the next day and you are called at 0200 expected, when not on Standby, to operate another flight and you refuse, you get in S**T.
11. Means that if you turn up for your A320 refresher only to be told that THEY have cocked up and they will reschedule it on the BKK trip where you are meeting your father, AND they know about it!!

I could go on and on, but won't. None of the above would happen if the crew were MANAGED properly.

Oh, don't get me wrong...great hardworking crew mostly and a fun time, but I never felt myself nor my colleagues were managed properly.

And to say that this is practice worldwide!?? I have to laugh.

The company I work for now, the CEO treats everyone fairly. He is tough, but as long as the work is done he is cool. He does not terrorise the staff and he supports them and his managers at all costs. He does not stick his nose into anyone's private life and let's his managers manage! I report directly to him and have had nothing but encouragement and good feeling from him. This is evident when you see a happy team at work.
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