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Originally Posted by sonicbum View Post
Yes I am an airline pilot, for a little while actually What about You?

The fact that some procedures require banks below 500 ft has nothing to do with my remark as it is specific to the procedure.
Stabilization criteria must include a lateral element to be applicable for straight-in approaches, circlings and Rnp-ar. Maybe your Operator does not specify a bank angle value, but most likely it does specify where You must be laterally positioned to be considered stable for different types of approaches. My operator (Airbus fleet) does not allow bank angles greater than 15 deg below 500 ft (400ft for circlings). Cat C airports with special procedures obviously have specific approved differences to the above. If Your operator allows you to close a visual approach at 100 ft with 30 degrees of bank then you must have good fun.
Seems to be airline specific. At mine the stable approach criteria explicitly does NOT include a lateral element and yours is the first ive heard of that does, especially AOB.

We do have a totally separate rule that no “turns” are allowed below 400’. A “turn” is a change of heading of more than 15 degrees. E.g. Dalaman on the southerly runway RNAV app it has a very low change in direction on the approach after the MAP but it is less than 15 degrees change of heading so is not a “turn” as per ICAO definitions. Any turn more than 15 degrees after the FAF counts a “circling” approach not a straight-in, such as in Nice on the 04 and 22 approaches over the bay. Is there a chance you could be getting stable approach criteria and turn limitations muddled up?
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