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Windows 11 promises to run Android apps directly without recompiling. Not sure if the apps will be free to download and get onto the system however, and whether you will download them from Google store or Micro$oft store.

Coming to your system, real soon now, scheduled before Christmas this year.

Bluetooth keyboard and mouse optional, but nice from your lounge chair. Suppress the giggles when you pair multiple meece to the one computer and wiggle them around randomly as other parties try to carefully click on the start or maximise button, now with rounded corners. Blame it on the new Windows 11 of course.

Free upgrade from earlier Windoze version, if you count futzing* and self tech support as free.

Your video card should be able to run three monitors at the same time, or you could just junk the TV and get one screen that covers the entire wall if you (and your wallet) are so inclined. I recall walking into an Intel R&D lab in Sacramento a few years ago and seeing an entire wall which was a live aquarium with swimming fish and turtles. Until it flipped to another screen, you couldn't tell it wasn't a real live display, without any seams or edges - wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Those boys there are paid to play with toys and dream up new stuff - the ideal job.

* Futzing: Sorta like fxcking and mucking around with Windoze, usually attributed by tech support people to watching OCD non-experts carefully rearrange their icons on the screen during work hours to make patterns that match their socks, or handbag colours.

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