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Firstly It’s a debate that has to be had but don’t for one minute think this HMG are at all concerned about either the environment or being worried about being seen as hypocritical. I also don’t think for one minute we’re seeing them take a principled stand…but if a lack of obvious support for the aviation industry is down to “environmental concerns” that concern will simply be one of chasing the green vote.

Secondly we’d see where HMG really stand on this if a major player goes under and frees up at slots at LGR/LGW…if HMG mandate that those slots should be cancelled, in effect reducing traffic into out of the UK, and reducing the UK voters opportunity for travel, then maybe they are interested in the environment

If OTOH the slots are allowed to go out to auction to the highest bidder, which will probably end up being foreign operators, then maybe the cunning plan is simply to get the emissions off the UK’s books…… because Mr Johnson is never actually going to stand up and say to the UK electorate “for the sake of the environment this government is reducing your opportunities to travel”.
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