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homesick rae
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Krotch, sorry to hear about that. That is very unprofessional.

Tongchai, don't know when you were there, but obviously not the same time as I! Or maybe it was a different airline!

The company I work for at the moment, the CEO is a gentleman. He is tough, but treats all his staff very well...oh and I report directly to him so I have a fair insight into the day to day business.

Dupont left QR as I am led to believe, as have many, many crew...

AAB has done some nice things for the airline...but his treatment of his staff and man management skills leave a lot to be desired!

Glad you enjoyed it Tongchai...so did I as far as my colleagues and place is concerned, but I was and still am disgusted at the terrible way the crew are treated and the consistent infringements into their private lives.

An Ad on TV is meant to show the good side...and there is a good side...a team of hard working crew!
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