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FI1ingfrog that's what I thought as well, however, I was pointed toward my physical licence which under Section II on page 3 entitled "Title of licence, date of initial issue and country code" clearly has both a "CPL(A)" entry and rather surprisingly a "PPL(A)" entry as well - clear as day. As well as this, apart from this 'dual' entry I see nothing else on the licence that states that it is a CPL over and above a PPL. The front page is 'Flight Crew Licence' which is in contrast to my UK CPL which specifically states "United Kingdom Commercial Pilot's Licence" on the front.

On this basis, and reading the text of the legislation I would be hard pressed to infer other than the fact that the licence more than a CPL 'with PPL privilages' but actually both a CPL and a PPL as stated under 'Title of Licence'. It's in there in black and white isn't it? I don't think this would contravene the EASA rule of not holding two EASA licences either since the single licence I was issued contains both.....I tried to attach a photo of the licence but PPRuNe says I need 10 posts before it will allow me to.

Is yours like that too? What do you think? #confused

Would love to have been able to send a photo...
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