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I have spoken with several of the blokes who were on 37 Sqn RAF Regiment with me when Rocky was our Station Commander at RAF Bruggen and we all agreed he was the finest CO we had throughout our years as Rocks. I think it is a measure of the man's leadership that our opinion was generated as SAC's who very rarely saw him but when we did he was either at our bar, at the SHQ bar, as the voice on the tannoy during TACEVALs, MINEVALs, MAXEVALs etc "smile for the sun is good for your teeth", or sitting in front of us behind his desk wearing his hat and delivering a verdict. He was fair and always said hallo or stopped for a quick chat. If we had allegedly stuffed up or performed well we were always "His Rocks". The day we returned from the Falkland Islands during which 2 of our friends were injured and 1 was killed in the Roermond shooting a message arrived from his office with words to the effect of "I understand what you want to do and the station has been asked to cut you some slack this weekend but you should not go to Roermond". We didn't go, despite the huge temptation and that was because he had said so. I suppose what I am clumsily trying to say is this ex-Rock and my mates thought Rocky was awesome and loved being part of his Bruggen team. God rest you Sir and our condolences to your family.
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