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They will be demonstrated leaders in their Field. They will have a Proven Track Record,

They will be well regarded within our Industry.

They will have the respect of both the Regulator and Industry.

We expect them to be a Professional in all dealings with all stakeholders.

The positions will be rewarding but challenging. The Team will have to be able to communicate effectively to all Stakeholders, being CASA, the Personnel through the Organisational Structure, and the Business Owner.

Applicants would be highly experienced commensurate with the Salaries being offered. They are a unique opportunity for the right Individuals to gain high levels of Job Satisfaction and a new challenge

We expect that they have demonstrated achievement in Project Management.

The ability to develop procedures that are Simple, Accountable, and Effective, while maintaining high levels of Safety and Compliance. At all times being aware that a robust Business is more likely to be a safe Business. Appreciate that a financially viable Industry is a Safer Industry, and be able to demonstrate a commitment to the Australian Owned Sector of the Flight Training Industry. Our procedures cannot have “tripping hazards”

They need to be prepared to travel to ensure they maintain high levels of face to face engagement.

They need to have a Vision and be prepared to design and implement that Vision in conjunction with the Team.

A high level of communication skill.


There should be no increase in costs to the Business. In fact the ability to have Key Personnel centrally located and “shared” will significantly reduce costs.

Rather than 10 separate schools paying $100,000 each per annum for their Head of Operations, ten Schools working seamlessly and colboartively,could attract the “Super HOO” for $25,000 each or a total of $250,000.

Our Buying power will depend on how many participants we can attract, and this will in turn effect the charging.

My objective is to have a cost of $25 per hour for the first 2000 Flight Training Hours p.a.

$20 per hour flown for 2000 to 6000 Flight Training Hours p.a.

$10 per hour in excess of 6000 Flight Training Hours p.a.

Some typical cost scenarios

2000 hour school pays $50,000 per annum

4000 hour school pays $90,000 per annum

6000 hour school pays $130,000 per annum

8000 hour school pays $150,000 per annum.

How will it be funded? There are 250 Flight Training Organisations across Australia. Assuming 10 schools joined the concept and those schools averaged 4000 hours. Ten income streams of $90,000 per annum provides a $900,000 fund to appropriately staff the concept.

Let me use my own Business as an example. Because I intend to join this group, exactly as I am proposing that you do. My own Business will be treated exactly like any other participant Business.

My Business flies approximately 8000 hours per annum. I would contribute $150,000 per annum. In return I get fully compliant manuals, A Head of Operations, a Safety Manager, An auditing and QA Manager, my Transition to a 142 is managed and with that the ability to retain delivery of the 150 hour Integrated CPL, access to Overseas Student Training and potentially Vet Fee Help. I can refocus my own attention to running my Business and freeing up capacity to pursue opportunities. I am convinced that this approach will allow me to focus on Business, be the most cost effective option and may be the only way to maintain my Business into the future.


We will utilise an Australian owned product called Flight School Manager to ensure the very highest levels of operational control can be maintained. The program is an existing program, but we are making a significant investment to upgrade the system to meet the needs of one organisation operating from multiple sites. Traditionally, the practice of multiple operators under the one AOC has been fraught with challenges, and in todays complex environment they don’t adequately meet the requirements.

For the first time ever in an industry first we will provide CASA full access to our entire system. Feedback from industry is a preference not to do so. I feel strongly that we have nothing to hide. We will be operating to the highest standards of safety and compliance. By involving CASA it allows us to highlight deficiencies and address them in a more proactive manner.
  • Group Management
  • Course Progress Reporting
  • Electronic Phone Book
  • Full Booking Outcome Reporting
  • Electronic Student And Instructor Personal Details Files
  • Multiple Airbase Management
  • Electronic Document Library
  • Full Learning Management System
  • Flight Board Display For 42' Monitors
  • MYOB Integration Available
  • Automatic Student Achievement Record Completion
  • Instrument Approach And Night Recency Management
  • Automatic Aircraft Weight And Balance Calculations
  • Full Student, Aircraft And Instructor Reporting
  • On-Line Scheduling
  • Staff And Student Rostering
  • Aircraft Maintenance Management System
  • Predictive Aircraft Maintenance Planning
  • Electronic Student And Instructor Logbooks
  • Detailed Aircraft Maintenance Reporting
  • Detailed Student Progress Reporting
  • Customisable Flight And Duty Time Limits
  • Up to 16 Additional Qualification Fields
  • Automated Student and Instructor Emailing
  • Automated Flight and Duty Time Management
  • Units and Elements Of Competency Manager
  • Charter Quoting
  • Full Australian Airfield Directory
  • Syllabus designer
·FSM provides all the management systems required for Part 141 and 142 compliance and is pre-loaded with all the MOS Units, elements and their associated Performance Criteria making syllabus design, lesson plans and training record development a quick and streamlined process.

Over 48 flying schools Australia wide are now utilising the functions and features of FSM for their flight school management, saving time, money and audit stress

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