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Doom and gloom sell a lot better than hope, but let's try and put things into perspective. This is well and by far not the first pandemic the world has seen. Neither the deadliest one (touch wood). There's no reason to think that it will be so vastly different from any previous one that it will require a permanent new definition of normality akin to the one seen in antiutopian novels.

It's not just vaccines and natural immunity. With time, people get better at understanding transmission and what exactly the virus does to the body. The latter is especially important as it helps to continuously improve treatment protocols and develop specific drugs the first generation of which will hopefully become available in the next months. With all this in combination, there's every reason to believe that this pandemic will end like any other one. The virus might never disappear completely - but neither did the bubonic plague which killed a massive fraction of the population of Medieval Europe and gave birth to the terms "quarantine" (from "quaranta giorni", or 40 days, the time period ship crews were isolated for upon arrival to Europe) and "isolation" (from "isola", the island in Rome where ill people were sent to stay segregated from everyone else). It will become another manageable problem which will be kept at bay without much disruption to life.
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