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You know from IFLD calcs how much runway you might use and you could subtract an arbitrary 100m as 60kts to zero (works out at ~0.4g which is close enough). Divide LDA by three, then compare with the number you came up with earlier to decide whether itís relevant or not. Simples.

Now for the Human Factors bit. Is it sensible in terms of risk? What could go wrong and what mitigation strategies do you have? Why do we use all these different minima anyway? Will the airport file a report that might find its way to the regulatory authority, who may be interested in your decision making process?

In 30yrs of flying, Iíve never come across the situation described but itís not an impossible scenario. However, given the Vref of most jet transports, the factoring up of landing distance for autoland, the LDA of all but the most massive runways and the likelihood of encountering a stable 300/75/-- while shooting a Cat II, itís something that realistically youíd only encounter in a technical questionnaire...
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