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Originally Posted by The Flying Stool View Post
With regards to Dan Air charter operations from NCL, my first flight was NCL-MAH in September 1991. All I know apart from the about,( I was six years old at the time) is that we boarded via the ventral air stairs. Can anyone confirm whether this would have been a 727 or a 1-11? I believe both were based at Newcastle in 1991.

Im pretty certain it would have been a 727-200 in 1991.

DA Bac 1-11 holiday flights from NCL to the med may have ended by then - theyd mainly been for Intasun (went bust early 91) and Airtours who would have used the based 737-400s and 727-200 in 91.

I think I still Air North mags from the time if you have some dates could find regs of aircraft.
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