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Originally Posted by Arnie Madsen View Post
Nothing new about burning used cooking oil and animal fats.
All it does is make some folks "feel good" .... and "feel" like they are saviors of the planet.
For thousands of years the Eskimos burned whale fat to cook and keep warm
And it was also ... "sustainable fuel"
It was sustainable when the Inuits did it... for they could not take whales from the sea faster than the whales could reproduce - without leaving themselves frozen and in the dark the season after. Of course that all changed once the commerical whaling industry set in. A good analogue for the use of carbon-based fuels that have indulged our lifestyles for the last 200 years. Sustainability is about balance.

Nobody is under any illusions that this is going to save the planet. You can't unscramble the egg. It's about avoiding using any extra fossil-based carbon - you must have been asleep at the wheel not to know this is the ultimate goal. Synthetic, carbon neutral fuels are the only future the industry has - expensive yes but only compared to our previous habit of not paying for the environmental damage caused by burning oil and gas.
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