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A little more 'dribble' (or drivel...)

Lets say that 'ole mates' wife is pregnant, and they decide to go flying....for whatever reason....just the two (2) of them.....nice sunny day and all..... (You may be able to guess where this is going....)
in his 'RA rego aircraft'.....then, lo and behold, he does a 'steep turn' or whatever, and she says
'Guess wot'? and gives birth there and then.

Now there are three (3) POB in said 'RA rego aircraft'.....

Has a CRIME been committed???

Troo story - I had a mate in the Pilbara who TWICE has had a birth on board in a '210' - from 'Camp 72 Mile to Dampier, as it was at the time.
Two (2) separate occasions, about 6 weeks apart it was!.
Did he exceed the 'law' by not having the correct restraints - apart from not lodging a 'corrected' POB en route..........
There was a nurse on board just in case.....and she WAS REQ'D.
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