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Originally Posted by pba_target View Post
That's where you're wrong. If you were a major country (let's say the USA) facing a hypothetical massive shortage in a critical aviation role (let's say pilots) then the ability to recruit talent from all walks of life might be seen as vital.

If we in the UK were to have an underperforming recruitment organisation (hypothetically of course) can you not agree that the ability to recruit sufficient bums on seats of whatever gender or background might be vital to our ability to fulfil whatever role we choose for our defence organisation.

The military is an increasingly unattractive option in career terms and anything that we can do to broaden appeal gets my vote, notwithstanding the article that the OP pointed out which is probably (let's face it) a hatchet job by a rag.
Wrong ? No.
It just means we lose.
Where I live China is basically ignoring every country with a border in the South China Sea with impunity.
Australia’s exports , bar iron ore , have been boycotted by China to make a point.
International affairs are anarchic.
Capability is all that other nations understand and recognise.
”Woke” politics are the death of any serious military.
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