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And thank you for that; I think it was actually what I based some notes I made at the time on, which also incorporate some dates from a Caravelle book (in French), which of course gives a notably partial view

Interesting about the Pan Am 727 in USA, which is not so well known. I have seen "carefully worded" statements elsewhere, such as the BEA one being "the first triple-redundant automatic landing", which of course it would be.

I wonder what the distinction between autoflare and autoland is.

As well as the certificate, BEA and then BA apparently used to give a "gift" to all pax who experienced and autoland - a tie for the chaps and a scarf for women. Not handed out at the gate like the inaugural flight, you had to send away for them if the captain announced it. They turn up on e-Bay from time to time. I've never seen one.
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