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And especially to those ATR guys and girls who had a B737 position award already but either elected to stay ‘behind’ to help with T and C requirements or were ‘capped’ from moving off the fleet to take up their position. The ability to take up their position if vacancies on the 737 arose expired at the end of March 2021 ( with the later redundancy option) and here we are only 2 months....60 days later and there are now 737 vacancies.

Unbelievably consistent bad timing and luck for these pilots.

A bit of perspective on both sides is required here. To those 737 pilots who have kept their jobs in VA - some appreciation of just what it feels like to receive that redundancy letter and not having another flying job for x amount of months would go a long way. To the WB guys on the first few pages - you cant just waltz into a base of your choice at the expense of pilots already on the fleet, be happy that you are able to get a job back in VA within 12 months.

The only way pilots will be able to keep the bastard VA management in line is for all to abide by the established policies and EBA provisions. You can be sure Bain will try and water those down to the maximum in the future.
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