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G2 Supervision

Prior to the introduction of Part 141/142 the legislation the old regs were very prescriptive on "supervision".

This legislation was written prior to the internet, mobile phones etc, when supervision was somewhat more challenging.

Flying schools were required to write their own manuals and stipulate their own method of supervision, as part of a supposedly more "outcome based" approach to the legislation. CASA had to approve each schools approach.

Some schools chose to transfer the old legislative requirements into their Ops manual (Exposition), and in that case you would find the requirements have not changed (although now specified in the Organizations Exposition/Ops Manual. This was a relatively easier option, as a continuation of the old approach was accepted by CASA.

Many organizations realized that the advances in technology allowed a different approach to supervision.

As stated previously, the answer will now be found in the Ops manual/Exposition, and not in the legislation.

Safe flying, cheers. Glen

Cheers. Glen.
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