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[QUOTE=SkyLark99;11051495]When I first read this forum starter I thought it was a piss take!

But as some enjoy the view from Planet Entitled I thought I would answer some of the points.....

What’s the latest with the VA reemployment policy? Has it been shortened to 5 years or does the initially agreed 7 years still stand?[/QUOTE]

Well I guess that would depend on your definition of agreed. If that means was it agreed with the inclusion of the B737 population then it was never agreed, it was apparently agreed between the unions, the wide body pilots and some of the management pilots who were apparently wide body pilots themselves. Interesting if they were discussing re-employment onto B737 without B737 being included. Can anyone shed light on this?

Less frustrating than not having a job? Second, what a company does with its employees is of no business to those who aren't employed. You may not like the reality but if you were made redundant and paid out all your benefits then you are not an employee. If there was no recruitment involved then maybe getting people where they would rather be at the same time as the company getting its bases balanced is a good thing in my book. Desirable base vs not desirable? If you are serious here then wake up!!! If you get to come back after being made redundant, especially if it happens in the next few years then the idea that you can just pick and choose has no argument that is even vaguely appropriate.

It would seem that being brought back and being able to slot back in will mean you have enjoyed every benefit of your seniority whilst employed then get to come back and do it again...... this time it will inevitably come at the expense of the future career prospects of people who have worked very hard on the domestic operation..... yet you presume to demand the highest rank in the best base? On what moral and ethical grounds could you make that demand?

For an ex employee? I would image there is no point in one because you aren't employed. Unless I am missing something the majority of companies who have them use them for selection and promotion, which if you were on the wide body you benefited from. Redundancy is a business decision and generally if you were most junior you were tapped first. In this case multiple EAs were dissolved and the operations with it. If the operations and EAs remained then most junior would go but if the whole operations get removed so do the EAs and the crews. You don't get to demand the removal of people on another EA to make room for you, if it was allowed it would have happened! Didn't happen at Qantas on the B767!

If you get a chance to get re-employed then the only thing i can tell is that the seniority you once had could be used to pick the order in which opportunities are offered. I doubt that would include being able to 'cherry pick' the rank and base and I would also assume that you would then be considered the last pilot on the type as you are a new employee.

Lastly, I think you might find Qantas offered re-deployment as an alternative to redundancy. I think Virgin would have done the same if the option was there but the whole aviation world was imploding so it would have been an option.

In summary, if you get to go back then congratulations, you have a job unlike the thousand others who don't that would be happy in any rank in any base..... check your entitlement and muster some perspective!!
Hell of a first post.

inflammatory, inaccurate and emotive.

The mechanism and negotiated terms that INCLUDED ALL the redundant pilots, has delivered its first positive news. Given the entire calamity; this should be a positive sign for the entire industry.
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