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Seems a bit rich.

Your senior colleagues who took the promotions they were entitled too, got the base commiserate with their seniority, along with possibly training many of you, got screwed.

They are sitting on the sidelines without a job, because your management didnít do what it was supposed to do. Manage.

So yes, they are entitled to feel a little hard done by as the young bucks base balance into their positions and when the time comes, theyíll end up in a junior base in a junior position until they can use their seniority to buy a better lot.

Covid has been cruel. To many. Remember we are all just trying to get ahead, feed our families and save a little for the end of the road to see out our golden years in peace.

The sooner they are all back, the sooner your airline has recovered and the sooner youíll be able to get a promotion that is earned with your seniority.

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