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What’s the issue when one has been made redundant and paid out their entitlements, as to what bases remaining pilots are assigned? Really only affects those pilots who are active? Ahhh, so you are also expecting those more “junior” pilots to keep the seat warm for you, when you decide to waltz back in?

Interesting comment about “Undesirable” base - as opposed to no job? So you want to cheery pick from the outside … gotcha! Let me guess, you are also expecting a Command position in the base of your choosing and you just want someone to relinquish their position for you, due to entitlement after being made redundant?

I am sure those who were made redundant had a “choice” to either bid onto the wide body fleet, stay on fleet or bid off it. We all make choices each day - some work out, some not.

What bases people are assigned shouldn’t affect those external to the business who have been made redundant (as crappy as it would be). Once redundant - all previous “entitlements” are also redundant.

Guess those, current at VA, may have some factual information rather than those of us on the outside.
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