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Originally Posted by Paragraph377 View Post
TJ the angry man, in his various roles, and the Screaming Skull were also incredibly angry humans. Iíve seen both in action and itís not pretty. When AJ booted TJ from JQ, the showdown was impressive. The 5 foot Irishman sure did give the big angry man a run for his money. A pissed off Irishman can be quite a sight, but when TJ explodes that too is a quite a sight! The Screaming Skull would allow his temper tantrums to spill over into the live flight deck. It happened more than once and then he transferred into the Star Chamber where his skills could be well honed towards the pilot body. At least he was no longer at 38,000 feet with a few hundred lives sitting behind him.

I believe there has been more failures than successes when it comes to pilots shifting from the tin to an office on the ground.
I told the person you're referring to (the tall one) when he was attempting to abuse me for something I was not responsible for one day to "Do your worst and I'll see you in court you arrogant b-----d". I then walked out. From my recollection he never did that to me again. A lot of these people if you challenge them and give them back what they dish out very quickly change their tune.
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