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Jeez, us pilots really are a fickle bunch aren’t we!
There is a particular pilot character that I have always disliked and that is the person who will go through all the hoops to become an airline pilot but really really wants to be management and finds flying itself to be distasteful. You can spot them quite early in their career and even though they will join in discussion about the poor quality of management when they are line pilots will very quickly change when they become management. They usually take on management roles within weeks of being CTL in the LHS. Those who for whatever reason don't crack it in an airline or worse still, get pushed out of the airline nest (the initials TJ come to mind) will then look to CASA as a vehicle for their non-flying career ambitions. They still get off on being called "Captain" but probably have no more than 1000 hours PIC in their log book.
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