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Originally Posted by Lookleft View Post
A bit cheeky I know but the first one got deleted. Glad that we are now BFF.

Not only failed but also from Cathay. What is it with the Government love affair with Cathay management pilots?
Before you know it we will be celebrating Xmas together!

The CX connection thing is and has always been a little bit weird. Probably some nepotism and maybe reptilian bloodline type of thing happening, who knows. The Screaming Skull also brought in one of his conceited mates, Keith ‘melon head’ Thompson. Another CX pilot who walked into the Brisbane office on $200k per year then sooked when he missed out on some additional promotions in the first 12 months. At the pub he used to cry on everyone’s shoulders about the injustice of it all and how he was better than anything mankind has ever produced. His face would turn a brighter shade of red than his hair!

Jeez, us pilots really are a fickle bunch aren’t we!

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