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Flight Detent, don't get carried away with engine out - it is not required in this case, just use a bit of rudder to induce sideslip and set a bank angle for zero yaw rate.Take just a minute or two to sort out what sideslip angle v's bank angle the particular aircraft type gives you. This is a standard flight test method when assessing lateral/directional stability and control.
Don't forget the Vmcg and Vmca are really just performance speeds to get you safely, considering particular handling characteristics, from brakes release to a V2 climb having had a critical engine failure at Vef. The limits are arbitrary - a higher or lower rudder force could be prescribed or different bank angle limits. It is a grave mistake to think that Vmca, for example, can be applied safely in flight conditions other than those specified in the airworthiness standards. Depending on the aircraft it may be possible to safely use, say, 10 degrees of bank towards the live engine and fly at a speed lower than scheduled Vmca - of course, this speed is not Vmca as the bank angle is not compliant. Scheduled Vmca has no meaning in normal engine out handling - power setting is probably wrong, bank angle probably wrong, rudder force applied probably wrong, sideslip angles probably not what was experienced during Vmca testing
Also don't forget that a manufacture may use Vmca determined at 5 degrees of bank (lowest compliant Vmca} but use around 3 degrees of bank for the engine out climb performance (zero sideslip minimum drag).
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