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Emma Royds
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Sorry if you felt that I didn't answer your question but I note in your earlier post that you mentioned qualifications and skills and I thought the example of my friend was a good example of how skills used in this job, can be highly regarded elsewhere to allow one to enhance their qualifications. Incidentally, his MBA has nothing to do with aviation.

If you feel your existing degree doesn't count for much and is outdated, have you asked yourself what can you do to enhance what you can offer a potential employer and increase your chances of employment? There will be former colleagues who are taking the time to upskill and develop any non-flying qualifications they may already have. Nowadays, it seems as if most career changes normally require some element of further training anyway, regardless of what is on your CV already.

I know it may seem like I am preaching from the comfort of a flying job but I have been made redundant before and I know it can be a lonely and frustrating experience.
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