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was not meant negative, more a fact check.

I would wish that these skills would have a much higher acceptance.
i agree that these skills are more than supportive and they are important
and some people selling themselves better than others, but my experience is very negative indeed because so far I was rejected for the mentioned reasons - missing the experience in the field.
now I try to do my own little thing.

there is an acknowledgement of the pilots skills but only as a top up to your desired job.

I had years of experience in none aviation jobs but just simple to far in the past.
i am happy for ever single person who gets his foot into a new door, but still I am convinced that the majority will have the same problem and I am also convinced that those people who made it have other job experience outside of aviation and are not new to what they are doing now. I might be wrong but the majority is in the field they where before as well. Some maybe had a good idea which they are following now but that’s only a few. So far I know only 3 guys who made a successful step into new adventures - the rest is pretty grounded.
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