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A321 A320 A319 lower one wing while flying straight?

Our group will be flying in a chartered A321 to observe, airborne at 39,000 feet, a solar eclipse which will occur on the astronomical horizon i.e. at solar elevation 0 degrees. (At 39,000 feet this will be 3.5 above the terrestrial horizon.) We'll fly a constant heading that makes the eclipsed sun exactly perpendicularly "straight out" the passenger windows. Normally, this will cause the full-size winglet to block the eclipse view for passengers in rows 24-28 (row 25 being an emergency exit with no window anyway). We'd like to be able to lower the passenger-side wing while flying straight so as to unblock the eclipse view from some or all of these rows. To do this, we'll fly a sideslip maneuver.

Question for PPRuNers: is this doable in an A321? Or is it doable in an A320 or A319, in which case surely it's also doable in an A321?

If it's doable, can we reliably achieve a wing-lowering of 1? How about, preferably, 2 3 4 5 or more?

We can't ask our charter airline to "test" this on any regular commercial flight which would be improper with passengers on board. Have any PPRuNe readers ever conducted such a maneuver on, say, a test flight?

We won't feel we can trust any indications derived from a simulator.

One concern is that our charter P.I.C. might tell us beforehand sure, it's no problemo, but then unexpectedly discover upon attempting to initiate the maneuver at 39,000 feet that the "software doesn't permit" the maneuver. Or maybe the P.I.C. will discover the software only permits the maneuver to, say, 1 or 2, not 5 or more as we will prefer?
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