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I think it was the Lear 45 that wasn't allowed on the UK register for a while because if one deployed on that you had a second before it had itself inverted.

Edit, found it

We used to train this in the sim on the Lear 45. The thrust lever automatically snapped to idle if the reverser deployed and we were trained immediately to shut the engine down.

The aircraft was marginally controllable and between stick shaker and V2 until you shut it down. You could just about attain a positive rate. One wily TRE also trained knowing the location of and instinctively pulling the deploy CB (4th back on the bottom row since you ask ) as a backup.

It was a good sim exercise, but it was seriously demanding even if you were in "sim" mode, and over beers we wondered whether it would be survivable if it happened for real.
Uncommanded thrust reverser deployment in flight
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