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Originally Posted by Nightstop View Post
Pushing V/S Zero is an excellent method to reduce an excessive rate of climb or descent rapidly when you expect a TCAS RA will occur during ALT*, due traffic above or below. Once a reasonable rate is achieved, rearm ALT.
I totally agree with you. This is common sense. Why would let have an RA if you can avoid it. This is not an escaping manoeuver just pilot technique to avoid triggering a RA. We had a case of TCAS RA both company traffic were on ALT*. I used vertical speed zero several times when I have excessive ROC/ROD especially on the NEO aircraft. It helps avoiding RA. It’s a mandatory occurence report here.

Also if you are doing NPA and you reach your FDP and you still on alt* You can not select FPA or VS. Pressing vertical speed zero allows this. Of course you can select an higher altitude then FPA. Both works.
I’m really curious to know why your company won’t allow to use vertical speed zero when in alt*.

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