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Alex Whittingham
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While they are not exclusively to blame, yes, let's blame the CAA. The more I dig into this the greater my conviction that the CAA never really chose to believe that we would leave EASA and never made any real effort to prepare for it. In my area of interest, for instance, I spent 3 years telling them that they needed to set up question banks for post-EASA professional exams and was met with what can only be described as over-confident lies such as "the caa has the capability to create its own question banks". What was done? Nothing. And so when exit day came they appropriated the EASA question banks with a very dodgy attempt to claim that they owned them, really, not EASA. What on earth will happen if EASA successfully apply for an injunction to stop them using them? The answer is no professional pilot exams for the forseeable future. The CAA won't put a Plan B in place because that means admitting that Plan A is dodgy. Let's also look at their legal obligations. They were required to publish a rulemaking process, carefully specified in Article 115 of UK (EU) Reg No 2018/1139 which has requirements for prior consultation when AMCs and Certification Standards are being considered for adoption and an NPA process before adoption. Not done, despite literally years of advance notice and still not done today so all their attempts to adopt EASA AMCs and issue certification standards are not compliant with UK law and in effect ineffective. I complain. The CAA say they won't consider the complaint. Loss of LPV approaches; I told a director of the CAA (a pilot) in late summer last year this was going to happen, he had no idea how EGNOS integrity control worked, said it had not been mentioned to him in briefings. Surprise! Anyone who has close contact with the CAA will be, like me, forming the opinion that they are very close to imploding in a miasma of incompetence and denial.
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