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Originally Posted by Gnadenburg View Post
The night before my first jab, I organised a fine wine tasting in Hong Kong with medical professionals. I don’t believe there was any science to suggest problems with alcohol and the vaccination. My second jab was late March, I had a few wines watching the footy and barely any side effects.

Perhaps quality wine thins the blood? Helps against clotting? LOL that’s my “science”.

Hong Kong has a magnificent vaccination scheme. Slick and efficient. Uptake has been poor due to political resistance ( thumbing government since you can’t throw Molotov Cocktails these days ) and superstition or anti-vax lack of logic. Other factors being there’s no need to vaccinate due low cases and not allowed to travel anyways. Stock market up and property market up so most doing well enough to be selfish and lack urgency.

After all the BS virtual signalling with masks to protect your neighbour, an Asian courtesy so the community claimed, now they have a real opportunity to protect their neighbours but now way! Asses- just awaiting similar Aussies.
Many thanks Gnadenburg for the considered response. I shall now formulate a plan along with the company of a few nice and smooth red ones. I haven't been asked to get vaccinated yet so it may prove difficult to stick to the plan.
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