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The courts will decide if at all, whether the training syllabus of the manufacturer sufficiently covered unreliable airspeed and stall recovery and for Air France part did they train their pilots accordingly.
Indeed and the Judges do not have aviation training and aircraft manufacturing knowledge so they rely on various experts and their reports . The problem for them is that there are by now 3 reports saying slightly different things. The accident occurred 12 years ago and for the family's victims this has turned into a nightmare', which is complicated by the presence a a few lawyers on a crusade to make a name for themselves as it is well mediatized as we are talking about Airbus and air France..

From a purely technical , training and safety point of view, everything on AF447 has been learned, and corrected . This type of accident will almost certainly never happen again .. What we see now are legal issues about who has to pay money to who and how much...
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