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I'd like to see the process of setting up the 430 by positioning the final approach line between the PEs from the two reflective markers either side of the runway, and then aligning it with a PE from a church, get through a safety case ! I also remember a controller doing a 1/2 miler to downtown Luton because he hadn't checked that the line was in the right place.
Also, it is worthwhile remembering that Engineering are working on the scanner before considering turning it on for a TOW alignment check...... Luckily they heard the turning motor come to life, and jumped off the ladder.
Also remember doing a 1/2 mile SRA for my validation on 'mad alfonse', the daily Baron arrival. Luckily he flew the ILS and ignored my headings.

SRAs today....no thanks, consign to dustbin of history and stick with PBN.

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