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Originally Posted by VThokie2 View Post

Wasnít doing any slapping bud.... you missed the jist of my post. Which is long haul heavy flying is not the be all end all, and yes everyone at EK deserves so much more. Do you not agree?! I was trying to give those on here speaking dismissively about flying for a (God Forbid) LCC a little dose of reality...... and as far as 17 days off being a dream, it was actually fairly typical when I joined EK! Again perspective!
i agree to the point where all pilots who constantly deliver in sim checks deserve a fair chance to widen the horizon and should be able to proof the can - rather than getting look at as a incapable pilot because he startet as TP pilot
I also agree that every pilot not only EK but ME3 deserve way more in better and fair treatment as they do - being fair and respectful doesnít cost much

I am seriously happy for everyone who has managed to keep a job especially now because I donít wish anyone to be in my shoes right now
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