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Tinwald said: ""you still sound like a patronizing, pompous, know-it-all''

You must mean that I ''still sound like a patronizing, pompous, know-it-all'' because I hold an entirely reasonable but diametrically opposite view to yours on what is in the best interests of the IOM public as regards the Open Skies policy.

When you launch into such flagrantly nasty, intolerant and insulting personal attacks on someone whose views are held by many but are different from yours it begs the questions a) as to any actual merits of your views and b) as to what you are doing on any online discussion forum.

It looks as if you really need to post on one that is available exclusively for yourself so that you can make yourself happy by seeing only echo chambers mirroring the same dogmatic views as your own - because all of them then would be your own!

I can easily and rapidly set-up a forum like that exclusively for you if you like. Free of charge. On the house. As a token of my esteem for you.

Tolerance and acceptance that online forums are for the exchange of a variety of views are obviously very much not within the scope and compass of your limited understanding which is very, very strange for any online forum participant. Even one who obviously thinks himself worthy of the handle 'Tinwald' which implies a self-appointed representative of the Great Manx Public. Now THAT is utterly pompous. And delusional.

Your obsession with killing Open Skies will continue to prove very disappointing to you as it is not going to happen.

I need to say goodbye for now - I have to fly shortly. Literally. Thanks to IOMG's successful policies.

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