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Open Skies

I agree about the clowns and about the 'Big Girl' but otherwise we disagree as my reasons are not your ones - and we are polar opposites on Open Skies so on that we disagree again. Hopefully you will be far less temper tantrumIng and inappropriately rude to me this time. I shall wager you real money that Flybe will not come here unless Loganair left and given that Ettyl and Stobart are about to be the same thing Ettyl will surely be planning to do Dublin - IOM and most probably Carlisle - IOM as they own the former and will be building out a quite serious network from there. Both those routes are non competing so nothing at all to-do with your bottomless hatred of and unproven allegations against Open Skies - an obsession which frankly gets more sad, more boring and more anti the Great Manx Public every time that you repeat it.
SO, the only route with definite competition is likely to be Liverpool where the large cake is more than good enough for both Loganair and easyJet to operate and will continue to serve everyone very well on every metric If the Manx Public felt like you we would hear lots of them saying that they dislike the routes and/ or frequencies and / or prices in the broadcast media and in the print media and of course socially yet none seem to do so except a few sad examples of monopoly Manx Airlines types sentimental for those long gone days - including a certain MHK. Those days are gone for good - sorry to feel so moved to try and bring a dose of realism to your views on this topic.

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