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Exactly the way I feel I have taught in 4 different ATO's and still going. I do not want the question bank CAA or otherwise, open to all, but this is what I have found over the years, and even more so with QB2020

1. Questions outside the LO and when I say outside, I mean from a different subject sometimes. RNAV questions in Instruments etc.
2. Questions with 2 right answers.
3. Questions with wrong answer marked as right.
4. Questions not in Level 4 English. Either very bad grammar or Shakesperean in quality with words that would fox Stephen Fry.
5. Questions that do not have any relevance or content in ANY of the common learning materials.
6. and finally, since the existence of the internet, questions that have clearly been trawled up from the bottom of the internet barrel, and which are so obscure, they are meaningless.

In every other exam that I can think of GCSE's, Degrees etc the learning material is recognised and certificated. You learn the material and understand it (hopefully) you practice tests based on real past papers, and after the exam, at least the Teachers/Instructors/Lecturers get to see the paper and are able to verify that they are fair and valid questions.

All that is going to happen over the next few years, is that students will yet again feed question banks, allowing those who simply have a good memory, to "Learn the question" instead of learning the subject and passing on merit.
It is at the very least fraudulent, that the CAA (who incidentally had never seen the new question bank while it was being produced I'm informed) charge customers for a flawed inaccurate question paper, which if they then fail, they have no right to see and if they appeal (paying even more money) they still don't get to see the questions and are told "You're wrong it was a fair question" I could do that without getting out of bed.

The system is seriously flawed, and the arrogance and immorality of the CAA beggars belief.

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