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Originally Posted by SaulGoodman View Post
sorry mate but that is life. You better accept that before it eats you. Life isn’t fair. The airlines who are hiring at the moment can pick and choose. It has happened to me, it has happened to a lot of friends as well. Times will change. C’est la vie and stay current and stay networking. DHL is the only one that I know of that is hiring on 330.

If anything this shows that the earlier you can join a decent airline in Europe (or US) the better. None of my mates who work in KLM, Lufti, Tui, Luxair etc has been mate redundant. Guys I know who went to Asia or the ME are mostly let go or on severely reduced pay sitting at home.
Thanks mate, appreciate it.
“Funny” thing is hadn’t I resigned from Ek I’d probably got fired anyway following the COVID outbreak like dozens of my colleagues... all the best to our industry and fingers crossed for all. Seat belts on, ignition and hopefully we’ll go through it.
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