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I realise you are supposed to try and plant false information
There you have it wrong. I post my own opinions and where I post info, I try to make sure it is true.

I missed a more recent article, my mistake, which does not really paint a worse picture, with the new number of arrests. it would bring the total of arrested Tatars up to what 50 - 60 in 5 years. Or did I miss yet another article/number somewhere? The law is clear: if you associate or identify as being part of that group, you can and will be investigated and arrested. Which part is wrong there?

As for the rest of the info there, it once again reads like the usual Russia bad - US good, China bad -US good. Hype the situation and control the story that gets to the western MSM consumers. Good example is Navalny, stated by the west to be the main opposition figure. He is not, the Communist party is and he had less than 2% support country wide.

So I do not believe that there is such a huge problem there with the Tatars, there is a problem with a certain segment and the rest of the Tatars and Crimeans are living without problems.
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