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Virgin has a large redundancy list that back up to 2028. Not going to see many new faces.

Might see some jobs on the cargo front pop up however I donít see much happening at the big boys.

The issues will appear next decade once we cycle out this generation and everyone especially the long haul players start offering big dollars to fly these big new twins. Those sitting on the redundant front who will probably need to sit out this decade might have issues getting rehired as they start to enter the late 50s and 60s.

A good time to become CPL job ready would be mid this decade. You will be Airbus or Boeing ready early/mid next decade and thatís going to be a great time to jump in.

If your talking about planes getting parked due to no crews. Well that day will come however we are still 15-20 odd years away before that starts to get ugly for some operators.

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