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Here's the late Geoff Ambroses's notes on WB556's history, if this helps:C1-0008 DHH f8 WB556 Chipmunk T.10; production date 6/10/1949; a/c 31/1/1950; d/d 03/02/1950, to Oxford UAS Kidlington coded RUO-C [photo]; to 20 MU Ashton Down 27/10/1953 to non effective stock 17/8/1955; to 20 MU Ashton Down 30/5/1956; to 5 MU Kemble 27/5/1960; to non effective stock 26/3/1973; possible sale to HSA 15/6/1973 but cancelled 6/8/1973; spares recovery by 5 MU Kemble [Air 24/3072] and sold to RAFGSA; fuselage stored at Bicester noted [11/3/1989] until at least 8/1999 as a spares source for RAFGSA; fuselage noted at the Halton Saddle Club and kept in a barn near RAF Halton in 2005 for use as a jump fence on the airfield [ABN 11/2005]; moved to the back garden of a house in Portal Close Northolt part of RAF Northolt’s married quarters owner Guy Clark; sold circa 7/2007 to Martin Smith Mells Frome Somerset as a plaything for his children; [see emails and photos from Peter Norris 27/29 July 2007 and Rod Brown 31/7/2007] [used at some date by 114 Squadron RAF Northolt?];

but dhcchipmunk website says under restoration 2/2008 by Martin Smith [photo]; e mail from owner on ab-ix 29/3/2009 says a/c being restored to static condition at Coleford near Bath Somerset and is substantially complete except for engine under cowling mainwheels and starboard wing; email on Key Forum from owner 3/4/2010 requesting certain parts [email 21/3/2011 from Mr Smith saying will be up for sale on ebay-photos]; moved to New Milton New Forest area for a new owner Matthew Wilkes summer 2011 [11/9/2011] [photo] then to an on-site workshop for restoration to airworthy condition!; rear fuselage roaded in 16/9/2012 to a lock-up on the Hurn airport industrial estate-rest remains in New Milton area [ABN 10/2012] for professional refurbish and partial re-skin-LAA inspector appointed [David Harmsworth email 6/11/2012]; sold to Australia 2014 [ABN 7/2014] Ashley Briggs Moorabbin Victoria owner of VH-PUE for potential restoration [Rod Blievers email 29/9/2015]; to David Soderstrom [RB email 2/1/2018]; noted Moorabbin Museum 10/2018 [P DHCAS]; Mr Soderstrom said he would take it home by year end and sell the project on [DHCAS 17/11/2018]; for sale 16-17/2/2019 Aerojumble sale Moorabbin Air Museum for $A6000 [P] [Stewart Kedar email 16/3/2019 via BF]

I have one phoTo of WB556 in Oxford UAS markings.

Good luck with this project

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