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Watched the qualifying, but I was working on race day so I haven't watched it yet.
It has potential (no pun intended) to evolve into an interesting series, but I agree with earlier posters that there is room for improvement in the TV presentation. I really don't like the over dramatisation - music in thr background and making the lighting in the.. ahem... "Command Centre"... go red when the session is stopped. That's just crass and not appropriate for an adult audience, in my opinion. Similarly, I don't like the addition of the lights-out "beep beep beep" sounds in the F1 start coverage.
But I'll give it a chance to sort itself out, there are some cracking drivers taking part

I'm guessing, but I assume the 45 seconds minimum driver change time is safety related, to prevent rushing and getting injured or not doing the belts up properly etc etc.
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