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Extreme E series

Since we already have an F1 thread, perhaps it might be better to start a new thread for these electric SUVs racing the world's wildernesses. I guess they will not be going away any time soon. "If you can't beat them............. then add some useful advice?"

New teams, e.g. Jenson Button vs Nico Rosberg vs Lewis Hamilton, etc. and they have just raced, most of them blinded by the desert dust of Saudi Arabia.

Has anyone watched any of this so far? I stumbled across it and watched the opening round. The whole event was fairly clunky, and plenty of questions popped up in my mind, but perhaps we should give them some time to sort out their package. There must be some serious money behind it. It seems to be aiming for a) Protection of the Environment, b) Equal Opportunity and c) Racing, but have they got, or will they get the balance right?
Next race, Dakar, end of May 2021.

What say you?

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